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Oyunlar Eğlence Kart Simülasyon
Geliştirici: ObjectDev Corporation
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Remember when you were bored, sitting in the corner of your room and tossing cards trying to get them into the hat? Remember, how you had to then clean up the mess you made? Well, now you can do the same thing, with the safety and comfort of your iPhone.

Enjoy this time killer app and try to get as many cards in to the hat, using a full (52) deck of cards.

Included Scenes:
• Backyard
• Boys room
• Girls room

Included Buckets
• Top hat
• Baseball cap
• Bin

Difficulty Levels
• Practice
• Easy
• Medium
• Hard
OR Add wind to increase the difficulty.

Got a suggestion for another scene? Send us an email to suggestions@icardtoss.com